Journey On

God never changes. But we do, and so does our understanding of Him as we grow. When life is new, so is everything we see, hear, and experience. Every day is an adventure as we explore and discover the world around us.

JourneyOn helps children explore God and the Bible in new and exciting ways that each of them can understand, no matter how old they are. With Bible stories, Scripture memory, and life application, children explore eight key concepts each year.


  • How We Move

    When we're adults, our journey leads us down a really big map with lots of choices to make and roads to take. But when we're younger, our journey is simpler. We learn to move forward and in the right direction, exploring new things along the way.

  • HOME

    Parents are the constant companions on this journey. Children take direction from parents. They follow the examples at home and everywhere parents go. It's like they're running a race, and parents are the lead trainers faith trainers. They move as we move. They journey together.

  • Church

    JourneyOn also helps children and their parents move forward in a number of creative ways.

    Each Sunday, children learn to move forward on their journeys with LIFE Groups for Kids and Marketplace. Both are new and fun ways to explore what it means to be a Christian today, as well as what it might have been like to be a Christian in Bible times.

    Through the week, KidLife give children a chance to sing, worship, and make new friends as they explore and discover God together.

    All throughout the year, special events like Vacation Bible School, summer camps, missions, and other experiences take their journeys down new and exciting roads as they explore the possibilities God has for each of them.