Mentor Relationships

A mentor relationship is simply when someone walks along side of you and helps you move closer to Christ. We've developed three ways for you to move toward Christ-likeness through mentor relationships. For more infomation, download the "Mentor Relationships" brochure.

We now offer mentoring groups and Mentor/Coach training opportunities. Click below to view our current groups.

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  • Mentor

    How do I know I need a mentor?

    I want to...

    • Close the gap in understanding and applying Scripture.
    • Develop an intentional plan for growing in Christ-likeness.
    • Activate and fire up your prayer life.
    • Discover God's presence in your life.
    • Develop a viable spiritual discipline or practice.
    • Appreciate and accept accountability.

    Find a Mentor

    What can I expect?
    Information, experience, and wisdom from a mentor who’s already been there and done that—generally from someone who’s older to someone who’s younger. It’s a dust-of-the-rabbi scenario: when the disciples followed Jesus so closely they’d be covered in His dust. I'm interested in becoming a Christian Mentor.

  • Christian Coach

    How do I know I need a coach?

    I want to...

    • Move out of the rut you're in on your spiritual journey.
    • Partner with an unbiased listener to sort out your life.
    • Have someone who'll ask the hard questions that make you think.
    • Combine what you know and where you need to be.
    • Walk with an accountability partner.

    Find a Coach

    What can I expect?
    Someone who listens. A new way of thinking. A plan of action. And the confidence to make it happen. It’s a process of discovery, connecting what you already know to what you may not know so that you can move forward on your journey. I'm interested in becoming a Christian Coach 

  • Spiritual Friend

    What is a Spiritual Friend?
    It’s a relationship between friends who focus on each other’s soul care and spiritual journey. Mutual love and respect spurs the other on to become all God wants them to be—with the end result being spiritual transformation. In short, it’s two friends, one direction, toward Christ. The end result of this mutually nurturing relationship is a spiritual transformation that honors God!

Mentor Groups