Journey On

As children, we learn how to move, then how to move forward. As students, we learn to move quickly as life speeds up around us. But as adults, things really change. Life is a wide open map of possibilities. Navigating these possibilities requires knowing our starting point, determining our destination, and choosing the best way to move forward.

JourneyOn provides five ways to journey together and on our own to get where we're going on this journey to a Christ-Centered life.


  • LIFE Groups

    LIFE Groups are simply groups of people who regularly get together, seek God, and love one another. We've learned that movement happens best in groups. LIFE Groups provide the primary way we move forward to a Christ-centered life.

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  • Focus Studies

    Focus Studies take a closer look at God's Word as it relates to a specific topic. This gives us the chance to explore topics with others over just a few weeks at various times throughout the year. 

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  • Self-Guided Resources

    Because there are some parts of the journey that only you and God can take together, it's helpful to have tools for the journey that are self-directed and self-paced.

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  • eLearning

    The journey happens whenever or wherever we are. So we need tools that are available anytime, anywhere. JourneyOn makes available a variety of learning opportunities through online video, downloads, and other self-paced resources.

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  • Mentor Relationships

    Having a personal guide on the journey gives us a well-worn path to follow. Footsteps in front tell us we can move forward knowing someone's walked where we're walking. They've been there before. And they can help us now.

    Mentor Relationships

  • Our Seven Key Foundations

    JourneyOn has grouped our journey into seven key foundations that help us make sure realizing all that God's word has for us.

    JourneyOn aligns with the beliefs found in the Baptist Faith and Message. Learn more about our beliefs.

  • Life of Christ / Christology

    We devote ourselves to knowing Jesus completely – who He is and what He has done for us.

  • Spiritual Disciplines

    Forming habits like Bible study, scripture memory, and prayer don't always come naturally

  • Biblical Studies

    Spend time learning about the unfolding story of God's love and His calling on your life is important for the follower of Christ. 

  • Theological Foundations

    Core biblical truths help us establish a clear path for our journey.

  • Healthy Relationships

    We weren't meant to journey alone. We have to learn to live and grow together.

  • Missions and Evangelism

    We share Jesus with others along the way.

  • Servant Leadership

    We attempt to model the type of leadership Jesus displayed.