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Sermons by Scott Harris

Title Date Series Speaker
Imitate Christ June 17, 2018 Sacrificial Love Scott Harris
Charge It December 31, 2017 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
Be Present with God in Sabbath October 8, 2017 Being Present with God Scott Harris
Instill Truth: Defending Against Ungodly Influences May 29, 2016 Loving Well Scott Harris
Build Relationships: Shared Experiences May 22, 2016 Loving Well Scott Harris
Time Is Running Out April 3, 2016 Can I Have Your Attention Please? Scott Harris
We Want to See Jesus December 27, 2015 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
God’s Rule is Rejected November 1, 2015 God’s Unfolding Story Scott Harris
The Imitation Game September 6, 2015 Hello My Name Is Scott Harris
My Precious August 30, 2015 Hello My Name Is Scott Harris
Fear of Missing Out June 21, 2015 Fear Not Scott Harris
The Spirit of Adoption August 28, 2014 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
Lessons on the Road April 27, 2014 Oikos: Praying for My World Scott Harris
Walls/Framework: Joseph & Mary June 9, 2013 JourneyOn @Home Scott Harris
Liberating the Prisoners April 28, 2013 The Vision Scott Harris
Sowing &  Weeping, Singing & Reaping December 30, 2012 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
Ambassadors of Tangible Grace September 2, 2012 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
The Gospel Really Is the Best News the World Has Ever Heard August 26, 2012 Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know Scott Harris
Love Really Wins August 12, 2012 Things Your Pastor Wants You to Know Scott Harris
This Little Light of Mine May 27, 2012 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
Ministry + Message September 11, 2011 Better Together Scott Harris
Impressions: God’s Design for Leaving a Lasting Impact May 29, 2011 Family Tree Scott Harris
The Most Important Conversation in the World December 26, 2010 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
Lost and Found August 29, 2010 Stand-Alone Scott Harris
The Bottom Line April 11, 2010 Stand-Alone Scott Harris