Sermons by Jay Strother

Title Date Series Speaker
Rhythms of a Sent Life: Being May 21, 2017 Living Sent Jay Strother
The Way Things Were Meant to Be October 25, 2015 God’s Unfolding Story Jay Strother
Held Back: Guilt and Forgiveness July 27, 2014 Summer School Jay Strother
All Things Work Together for Good October 13, 2013 Romans Jay Strother
First Called Christians April 7, 2013 The Vision Jay Strother
Worthy September 30, 2012 Living in the Land of Dragons Jay Strother
Frustrated April 29, 2012 Epic Fail Jay Strother
The Church Has Left the Building October 2, 2011 Better Together Jay Strother
Tell the Story: Blessed March 20, 2011 Lessons on the Road Jay Strother
Trust the Process March 13, 2011 Lessons on the Road Jay Strother
Pay Attention: Walk This Way September 26, 2010 Pay Attention Jay Strother