Me an Ambassador?

December 12, 2020

20 Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making his appeal through us. We plead on Christ’s behalf: “Be reconciled to God.”

2 Corinthians 5:20

Written by Gayle Haywood from the Brentwood Campus

What do Ronald Sanders, David MacNaughton, and Emily Hager have in common? Each of them is a United States Ambassador. They are among the 188 men and women appointed by the President of the United States to link our nation with their host country.

Being chosen to serve in this capacity is an honor with tremendous responsibility. As the highest-ranking representative of our government abroad, the Ambassadors work for our government’s best interest. He or she does not act in their own name or authority. Nor do they communicate their own opinions and demands. Instead, they deliver the message entrusted to them by our government.

Paul informs us that as Christians, we, too, are Ambassadors. We represent a kingdom, not of our origin, but one into which God adopted us. Because of Christ’s loving sacrifice, we have the privilege of being sons and daughters and the responsibility of representing the Kingdom of God. Upon receiving Christ as our Savior, each believer is called to share with others and to act as an ambassador for Christ

Since you and I represent Christ, we embody the character of our home country, the Kingdom of God. We must reflect the nature of Christ as we act with skill and diplomacy to urge and persuade others to follow Christ, too.

God chose us and appointed us to take His message of reconciliation to the world. On behalf of Christ, we announce God’s amnesty and appeal to unbelievers to accept His gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Our message is one of love. God loves each of us, and we act in love toward others because we love Him.

God desires reconciliation with His people. Everyone is welcome in God’s Kingdom where they can receive and know His love. The Christmas season affords an excellent opportunity to tell others the story of God’s love. In love, God sent His Son to save the world. In love, God sends you and me to tell the world of His love. Someone changed your eternity by telling you about Jesus’ love and gift of eternal life. Whose eternity will you impact. If you don’t tell them, who will?

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Are you actively serving as an Ambassador for Christ? If not, what can you do to rectify that? Why not check out the service opportunities on our church’s website?
  2. Are you seeking opportunities to share the message of hope anywhere, anyplace, and with anybody? Join a focus group to learn how to have a gospel conversation.

Family Activity
As ambassadors for Christ, we must start in our home telling the story of how God rescued you from sin. Today as you discuss this devotion as a family, have each member be a royal ambassador and write a message for the family. Each person should write the story of how they came to know Jesus as their personal savior. If you have little ones who cannot write or read, appoint someone in the family to read or write for them. Maybe there is someone in your home who has not yet made Jesus their Savior. Hearing these personal stories of how Jesus rescued their family members from sin could help them understand exactly why Jesus’ birth is so significant. I encourage you to have fun with this. Dress up as a royal ambassador, create a podium in your home to read from, and if you have a musical instrument create a family tune to let everyone know that the message is about to be read.

Missions Prayer
Pray for churches in South Asia, where millions have yet to hear that God came to dwell with us in Jesus, lived, died in our place, and resurrected in order to make a way for us to cross from eternal death to eternal life.

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