Made Worthy by The Most Worthy

October 11, 2021

I will praise you because I have been remarkably and wondrously made.

Psalm 139:14a

Written by Zach Benzon from the Brentwood Campus

By Societal Standards…

If we look around our culture, we are overwhelmingly tempted to compare ourselves with those around us. Even the front of your phone has a camera that is purposefully designed to take a selfie! The idea that we are only seen “through the lens” by society is amplified when we open most apps and immediately have options to put on a filter.

This filter changes our physical appearance with almost any option that society deems attractive.


Made in His Image

We look at those that are seen as “perfect” in society’s eyes, and then in the same moment, we shame or put ourselves down. We need to know that this image is a man-made illusion and NOT how the Lord sees us. God looks at us in awe. We must rid ourselves of the false identity that we are NOT made wonderfully.

The Lord looks at us NOT through a filter on an app. Instead, He sees us as we truly are: wonderfully made in His image. When we believe what man says, not only are we putting ourselves down, but we are telling our heavenly Father that He must have made a mistake with us. We too often forget that we are made worthy by the Most Worthy.


Fully Known and Fully Loved

It is so easy to see a picture and immediately think, Something is wrong, and I have to change it. That thinking arises if we falsely believe the idea that there is no way God truly knows us. Let us rest in His statement that He knows the number of hairs we have (Matthew 10:30). If He even knows this, we can be assured He is in awe of His work in us!

I pray that the next time we doubt the identity God has given each of us and the lie we so often falsely tell ourselves, we would instead lean into what the Lord has said about us. We can rest confidently in knowing He cared so much for you and me that He sent His only Son to die on the cross—so we could be with Him for eternity. It may be uncomfortable to read or hear truths of how God sees us, but perhaps that’s just because we have molded our identity to what society believes we are. God knows better. I hope you do too!


Now What?

Take a moment to reflect on the areas of your life that you think are unworthy. Then, reflect on the words of the psalmist. Meditate on the wonder of creation, that the good and perfect Creator crafted you intentionally! Thank Him for the love He has shown you in Christ and pray that He would provide opportunity to share this truth with those around you.


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