Made to Walk Worthy

June 16, 2022

“But you have a few people in Sardis who have not defiled their clothes, and they will walk with me in white, because they are worthy.”

Revelation 3:4

A Story to Tell

Our clothes say a lot about us as people. And while they’re a form of self-expression most definitely, they also reveal little tidbits of information about us to the outside world. For example, do you have pets? The fur that is shed on your clothes will probably make that known. Or are you an artist? The world will see the paint on your clothes and be able to tell. It’s little details like the ways we spend our time or how tidy of a person we may be that will be evident through our wardrobe’s style choices or wrinkle capacity.

Scripture uses clothing imagery to reveal the state of our hearts. In Revelation 3, the Lord says that those who will wear white are those who seek to walk with Him faithfully.

A Commendation through Communion

God had declared the church in Sardis to be dead, despite their appearance and reputation of keeping up with the things of the Lord. But where others saw fervor and vigor, the Lord saw the issues of the heart. Many believers in their congregation had fallen prey to the whims of immorality and impropriety. And as a result, the Lord declared that their clothes—and the state of their hearts—were defiled.

But this was not true for those committed to remaining in Christ. Instead, walking hand in hand with Him, they receive their commendation from the Lord. By faith, we are made to walk worthy in His presence.

Counted as Worthy

It’s not that those who had never bowed down to the lust of the flesh are the chosen ones in God’s eyes; it’s that those who value communing with the Lord are those who walk in closeness with Him. And it’s not about being inherently sinless (because He alone holds that title); it’s simple about having faith in the only One who is.

God offers a fresh start to the church in Sardis, and only God could ever offer such a new beginning. We weren’t created to wallow in shame or in soiled garments; He made a way for us to walk in white, like a bride on her wedding day. Despite our unworthiness, we were made to walk worthy with Jesus. Won’t you come along for the ride?

Now What?

Think about how you’re currently walking with the Lord. Have you surrendered to Him fully? Does the clothing of your heart reveal your closeness to Him? Take a moment to ponder the fact that nothing can separate you from Him because He has made a way for you in Jesus. Thank Him that this may true in your own life.