Made to Walk Securely

June 12, 2022

“…the one who holds the seven stars in his right hand and who walks among the seven golden lampstands…”

Revelation 2:2b

Let’s Take a Walk

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic changed so much of our lives for so many of us. It impacted how and where we spent our time, for starters. This meant we also changed the ways we worked, went to church, and related to those we most care about. And one thing that changed for many of our families and households was how often we set out on walks together.

There were many days in the early stages of being home where we would go on two—maybe even three!—walks per day. This simple choice to pound the pavement was brought on mostly by boredom. But it also created space for us to process the big changes in the world around us. Many have shared how it led to strengthened relationships, too, as we would stroll through our neighborhoods and nearby parks. We took time to admire the beauty around us. It led to us finding common ground as we paced the asphalt and greenery beneath us.

Willingness to Walk Among Us

The idea of this walking in togetherness corresponds with how God communicates His closeness to us. So much of Scripture’s imagery illustrates the ways that God walks among us. This idea begins way back in Genesis 3:8 in the garden of Eden. (This was just before the newly-fashioned man and his wife sought to hide from their Creator’s presence.) In fact, righteous men like Enoch (Genesis 5:21-24) and Noah (Genesis 6:9) led lives characterized by the ways they walked with God. This was the intimate way He made Himself available to them. (And it seems pretty similar to how we’ve made ourselves available to others in this pandemic-affected world.)

And God’s willingness and desire to walk among His people is mentioned here in Revelation 2, which we’re reading together today. It serves as a reminder of His closeness to us and faithfulness towards us, just as we were made to walk securely with Him. The Word tells us that He holds the seven stars (the angels or messengers) and walks among the seven golden lampstands (the churches).

Walking Securely in His Love

It’s God’s proximity that seems to stand out most in these lines. It’s this idea that He doesn’t allow Himself to be distant from us in our struggles to be the church He has called us to be. This passage reveals to us His intimate knowledge of the church in Ephesus. We learn the extent to which He knows the ways they have persevered and endured despite the hardship they’ve faced.

And God knows the same for us as His church today. He still has strength to offer, wisdom to impart, and love to fill in all the gaps of our inconsistencies. So, as we walk into this new day, week, and season, His love empowers us to remember who He is. From Genesis to Revelation to our present day, He has committed Himself to walking alongside us and remaining in our midst. He has made a way for us to walk securely through faith in His Son. Now, let’s rest in His faithful love and let it lead us to go the distance. No matter what lies ahead, we were made to walk securely, trusting His presence and walking in obedience all along the way.

Now What?

How have you been spending your time walking with Jesus lately—whether literally or metaphorically? Remember: it’s in our abiding with Jesus that we are able to grow in our relationship with Him. And it’s through spending time with others who are committed to doing this same thing that we are able to grow closer in community as we grow closer to Him. So, who in your life can you invite on one of these intentional walks?

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