Love: A Christmas Carol

The Greatest Gift of All

For God so loved the world and always has since time’s beginning,
and it’s all because of His great love that jingle bells are ringing.

His story of creation starts with darkness and deep waters;
Then, His light brought forth great hope for each and every tomorrow.

He created the land we walk on and made plants and animals just right.
Full of life and color, all was merry and bright.

He looked at everything He’d made and saw that it was good.
But it couldn’t all be made complete without me or you.

So men and women, boys and girls, He made us like Him.
But we didn’t take long to forsake His love and turn instead to sin.

That’s when our shine began to fade, and our faith had lacked its luster;
But God had a plan to restore us back to our awe and wonder.

It took a huge act of love to redeem all that we had lost.
So God sent His one and only Son to redeem us at the cross.

An angel proclaimed good news to Joseph and to his wife, Mary.
They were chosen to carry and raise this miracle newborn baby.

He was born with the name “Emmanuel,” which means that God is with us.
His Spirit shines through those who believe that He’s the One to trust.

He’s the Light of the World sent to us from up above.
And each Christmas, we celebrate the life of Jesus—the greatest gift of love.