Let Them Know What’s What!

April 23, 2022

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord!” And she told them what he had said to her.

John 20:18

Written by Sarah Caskey from the Lockeland Springs Campus

A Sense of Urgency

Think about some time sensitive things in your world right now. Maybe your mind is going to the produce you bought last week. Or the latest fashion trends you’re not so sure will still be stylish in a month. Perhaps you’re considering those warranties and coupons that are only so useful for so long. It seems that so many things in our lives work on a bit of a time crunch, huh?

We see here in John 20 that Mary’s urgency to announce the good news is likewise a pretty pressing task. She illustrates to us that when the Lord calls us to go and to tell those who have not yet truly heard and believed, we have to let them know what’s what! And with haste!

To Go and Tell

Now we can just know that between verses 16 and 18 of this passage, Mary Magdalene had some big questions for her freshly risen Lord. We can imagine that they were probably something like, “Jesus, how is all this real? When are you leaving? Why can’t you stay? Do I really have to leave you again when you just got back here?” For so many of us, our curiosity would’ve probably interfered with our ability to follow through with the task at hand.

But Mary didn’t hesitate or falter or stop to ask Him any clarifying questions (though He would’ve responded with grace if she had). The Scriptures say she simply went and announced what she’d seen and heard from Jesus Himself. And like Mary, we are called to do the same. Even when we don’t have the full picture. Even with the confusion and uncertainty of our current circumstances. This is where we, too, cling to the truth that we know: Christ crucified and resurrected.

Timeless and Time Sensitive

The gospel in its essence is both timeless and time sensitive to those who will hear and behold its call. It’s time sensitive because of those around us who are so desperate to hear of the hope and redemption that we know to be the truth we so urgently need. Christ is coming soon, and there are ears that need to hear.

So, like Mary, we must use our words and get our feet walking in the direction of those who haven’t yet heard. We have to let them know what’s what⁠—that there exists a message of salvation, grace, and rest for our weary, waiting world. Mary Magdalene’s same testament and testimony is what we cling to and proclaim…because we don’t ever hesitate to share the best things in life with those we care about.

Church, let’s go and tell.

Now What?

Consider Christ’s call to go and tell and what that means in your own life. Are you walking in obedience towards those who have not truly heard and believed? Are you hesitating? Or are you hastening? Remember Mary’s obedience as she walked with urgency. Thank Christ for this good news that’s so worth our sharing.

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