Let The Righteous Now Rest

October 8, 2021

For in [the Gospel], the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith…

Romans 1:17a

Written by Eddie Mosley from the Brentwood Campus

Declared as Righteous

This one short phrase in Romans 1:17a could be viewed as the central theme of Romans. According to the Word of God, we cannot be declared righteous (morally correct and justifiable) before God by simply following the law. Instead, God declares, through His righteousness, each of us to be righteous in His eyes because of our faith. And it’s because of that faith that the righteous may now rest.

We as humans tend to view righteousness as something we can achieve by our own merit or actions. But the righteousness of God is different. It is a right standing before God that has absolutely nothing to do with human accomplishment or worth. It is received by faith (see Philippians 3:8-9).


Through Faith Alone

Have you ever felt, said, or heard someone say, “God will never let me into heaven. I didn’t attend church enough, or serve, pray, or give enough.” Or they might say, “God should let me into heaven. After all, I did not use profanity, get that tattoo, or steal anything. I also did a lot of good things for others.” But faith in God’s ability to declare us righteous through Jesus Christ is only way we can be brought into His kingdom and into right standing before Him.

How can you express your faith to God today? How might you use this information in a gospel conversation at work today?


Now What?

Listen for people to make statements that are based on their activity or inactivity for success in some area. “I won’t get a raise because I’m not good enough.” “I did all this, and I deserve better treatment.” This is your opportunity to share about faith being the answer, not activity, when it comes to our standing before God.


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