Why are there so many translations? Has the Bible changed over time?

Episode 3 of this DIG Series tries to answer two questions.

The first question is "Why are there so many translations?" Go to any bookstore today and you will discover that there is not simply one version of the Bible. Most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, and the New Testament is written in Greek. So English speakers go to find a Bible translated into English. But why are there so many to choose from? Are there differences among the variety of translations? Which one is right for you?

The second question is "Has the Bible changed over time?" What are the manuscripts that we use to translate the Bible? Are these manuscripts reliable? How reliable are the copies and has the text changed over time? How do the manuscripts of the Bible compare to other ancient literature?

Watch Episode 3 of this DIG series and hear how some experts and practitioners in this field have attempted to address these questions.

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