Who wrote the Bible? How is the Bible put together?

Episode 1 of this DIG Series tries to answer two questions. The first question is "Who wrote the Bible?"

Who authored these words of this ancient text, so familiar and yet so mysterious to many? Is there one author, or multiple ones? Are these simply a collection of human documents? Did the Bible drop from the sky, written by God? Is it appropriate to speak of divine inspiration by these human authors? What can we know, if anything, about these writers?

The second question in Episode 1 is "How is the Bible put together?"

When we open the Bible, what do we find? We soon discover that the Bible is a compilation of multiple books arranged in two broad categories that are often referred to as the Old and New Testaments. Beyond this arrangement, what else do we discover? Is there any rhyme or reason for how these books are arranged, or how the texts appear on the page?

Watch Episode 1 of this DIG series and hear how some experts and practitioners in this field have attempted to address these questions. 

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