What is the main message of the Bible? Why should the Bible be an authority in my life?

Episode 2 of this DIG Series tries to answer two questions.

The first question is "What is the main message of the Bible"? Out of these many different books covering a long period of time written in different genres, is it possible to discover an overarching message for us? Is there a metanarrative, a larger storyline that can be discerned among the various stories and themes? If so, does this story reach a climax or conclusion? What would it look like to respond to this main message?

The second question in Episode 2 is "Why should the Bible be an authority in my life?" So many people in the world and throughout history have looked to the Bible as their guide and authority in life. In our modern Western culture, authority is usually resisted as each individual is deemed to be the master of his or her own life. Should people living in the 21st Century look to the Bible as something that speaks to them and even has authority in their lives?

Watch Episode 2 of this DIG series and hear how some experts and practitioners in this field have attempted to address these questions.

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