The Virtuous Interpreter

This video session is primarily for Bible teachers. Dr. Köstenberger stresses the importance of placing priority on and accurately interpreting scripture, while highlighting the necessity of being committed to diligent interpretation. Using a Hermeneutical Triad, Dr. Köstenberger explains the tools used for the mastery of handling God’s Word.

The main lesson planning base is to address these 7 paths: Historical Cultural Awareness, Canonical Consciousness, Sensitivity to Genre, Literary and Linguistic Competence, Bible Theology and Application.

Dr. Köstenberger also explains how to bridge these gaps in inductive Bible study: Time gap, Language and Literature gap, Supernatural gap, Theological gap, and Appropriation gap.
He finishes with how to apply these 7 principles in presenting lessons: Literal principle, Contextual principle, One-Meaning principle, Exegetical principle, Linguistic principle, Progressive principle, Harmony (Unity) principle.

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