Just Say A Little Prayer

Missy’s Story 

I work for Delta Airlines, and I’ve been a flight attendant with them for quite a few years. I had a trip this past October in Honolulu, so I planned this excursion of half-day adventures with ATV riding and a catamaran cruise. So, I sat down with my food after my fun day. A family sat down next to me, and they were from another country. Soon after they sat down, I nodded to them. Then when I ate my food, I just said a prayer thanking God since it had been a great day. When I finished, I looked up and could feel the man looking right at me. 

An Unforeseen Opportunity 

He said, “Do you know God?” I said, “I do know God! Do you know God?” And he said, “Well, my daughter tells me some…” I said, “Do you want to know God?” He said, “Uhmaybe.” So, I said, “Well, let’s just say a little prayer.” I grabbed his hand—like I grab everybody’s hand—and we just said a quick, little four-or-five-sentence prayer, and he responded. I told him that I loved him and said, “Thank you. It was good to talk to you all.” 

The Power of Prayer 

I got up to go to the trashcan with my things, his daughter got up and followed me. She said she had been talking to her mother and father since she had come to know the Lord when she came to the United States: “I was praying that God would send something or somebody to just give him that nudge to know that God loves him.” So I said, “Well, it was good that I was that something or somebodyI will keep praying for him because the Holy Spirit has got that all under control—God’s going to work it out.