Joy: A Christmas Carol

All The Generations Sing
One fine day, there was a family reunion,
as cousins Mary and Elizabeth gathered for joyous communion.
The two were pregnant by a miracle of God,
And both women were filled with wonder and awe.
Now, Mary was young, but Elizabeth was eighty-eight—
Even in the most impossible, God will show Himself as great!
So, Mary hurried all the way as she stumbled into Judah,
ran inside her cousin’s house and was greeted with a “Hallelujah!
Elizabeth exclaimed, “Blessed are you among women, and your child just the same.
For the Messiah we’re awaiting is in this very house today!
“As I heard you enter, it was the most peculiar thing;
for the baby boy inside the womb leaps for joy inside of me!”
And this joy was so contagious in the hearts of both these ladies,
for the promises of God would be fulfilled through both of their babies!
In the midst of the unworkable, unfeasible, and impractical,
God creates a plan and displays His wonderful miracles!
We learn so much from Mary as she breaks into song,
belting out praises and inviting us to sing along!
From now until forever, we shall live in joy and gladness,
for Jesus is arriving to give hope in place of sadness.
God most high and holy has looked on us with favor,
and all the generations will rejoice in Christ the Savior!