Jesus Uses Zoom, Too.

Matt Purdom

Meeting Through Zoom

I wanted to share that I had the opportunity to meet Daniel White through a Zoom call. Daniel and his wife, Lauren, have been attending the Kairos ministry on the Brentwood campus for several months. According to Daniel, Lauren is a believer and has been asking him questions about his faith. They are desiring to have children soon, so the need to have similar family values is emerging more in their discussions.

Daniel shared with me that he was 29 years old, a former Franklin police officer, and is currently working in the finance industry. As we talked about his reason to discuss his interest in baptism, it became clear that he did not understand its purpose. He was humble about his lack of understanding and expressed the desire to start from the beginning of what it meant to be a follower of Christ.


Listening Well

As I continued to hear his story, Daniel revealed one of the problems he was wrestling with. He asked if he could follow Christ without having some sort of “mystical feeling” attached. Understanding that Daniel had more of a rational bent in his personality, I helped him refute the idea that it was not a need or necessity. I expressed that he would receive the Holy Spirit, who would lead him to the truth, convict him of sin, and produce the fruits of the Spirit. I conveyed that trust is inspired by the reality of the truth of Scripture, and that would later bring about future feelings of closeness and intimacy. So, I asked him to open up his Bible to Romans 6:23 and proceeded to share the illustration of the bridge to life in a word document.

During our time discussing Scripture, I asked him to paraphrase every keyword in that verse so that he would have a more concrete understanding of this promise. Daniel continued to ask more questions and wondered if he needed more information. I affirmed that it would help him to know more Scripture; however, everything he needed to understand and respond to the gospel was right there in front of him. To which he answered,

“You’re right. I can follow Christ because of all of this.” We then began to pray, I introduced him to Jesus, and he asked for the forgiveness of Christ, more faith, and His daily presence.


Praying Often

After our prayer, I asked Daniel to join me in a group, to start reading the Bible, and to pray with his wife every day. So, I’m excited about the coming weeks with Daniel and hope that his love for Christ will continue to grow. Please, join me in praying for Daniel and his wife, Lauren, who is a nurse practitioner. And, may we give thanks to God, for He continues to speak and save (yes, even through Zoom).