It Won’t End in Death

March 22, 2022

“When Jesus heard it, He said, ‘This sickness will not end in death but is for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified through it.’”

John 11:4

Written by Amber Kinnett

When Sickness Hits Home

Sickness is a hard reality to experience. Maybe you have walked this painful journey with your parent, child, or close friend. Or maybe you have personally faced debilitating illness and understand the support needed to endure each day. For those who are well acquainted with sickness, may your hope come alive through today’s story and God’s never-failing promises.

Mary and Martha are two sisters, who love their brother Lazarus dearly. But Lazarus is sick and nearing death. The sisters fear for his life and hope their blessed Messiah will save him. So, they send out messengers to meet Him. Upon hearing the news, Jesus boldly declares: “It won’t end in death.”

Yet, we see a sudden change in the scene when Jesus arrives to the family’s hometown. Lazarus has been dead for three days. His body is in a tomb. And we hear the gut-wrenching cries of the sisters: “Lord, if only you had been here…”

When Disappointment Aches

Can you imagine the loss and heartache? Not only did they just lose their loved one, but they also heard a promise from the Son of God Himself and witnessed a seemingly different outcome.

So, what do you do when the promise you heard doesn’t come to pass in your timing? What do you say when things don’t turn out the way you planned? How do you cope with loss when You heard the promise: “This will not end in death?”

It would be all too easy for the disappointment of this moment to turn into utmost despair. When faced with reality, it’s hard to keep heaven’s perspective. But if we press in and hold on a little longer, we might just be amazed in the purpose and plan God will soon unfold before our very eyes. His Word never returns void, and He always fulfills the intent for which He sent it.

When His Name is Praised

Praise God, He resurrects Lazarus and brings His promise to pass—just as He said He would. And by the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead, He awakens the Lazarus in us, too.

Today, are you walking by faith or by sight? What miracles would we stop short of if we really had things our way? What glories would stay hidden because of our limited perspective? But oh…what wonder God manifests to us so that we may believe in the Son of God and glory in His name alone.

Now What?

Do you know anyone who is sick today? Take some time to pray and believe for their healing. Trust that God’s plans are greater than our own and expect for Him to reveal His character as we glory in His name alone. What bold statements has God spoken over your situation? Like the sisters, Jesus speaks with hope and promise, too. Trust Him to fulfill His Word, even if it looks differently than you expect.

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