I’ll Be With You Still

March 30, 2022

If I go away and prepare a place for you, I will come again and take you to myself, so that where I am you may be also.”

John 14:3

Written by Hunter Melton from the Avenue South Campus

Longing for Home

Home. It is where we all long to be, isn’t it? There is nothing like being in your own bed after a long trip away. Even if you are in the most luxurious hotel, you still aren’t completely settled until you get home. What if we aren’t completely comfortable in this world because we aren’t home yet? What if Jesus is beckoning us to eagerly long for and anticipate our true home…where He is? In this way, the Savior calls out to us, “I’ll be with you still.”

The Promise of Hope

In John 14:3, Jesus is talking to a group of His disciples who have had their definition of “home” completely altered. Once “at home” on a fishing boat, they now have no home. Once working toward making a living, they now work toward the salvation of every man and woman. However, these disciples needed hope.

They were now strangers in a world that was once familiar. Jesus provided them that hope in the form of a promise. He is making them a home, and one day, He Himself will take them there. Perfect peace.

Meant for Eternity

In a very real sense, Jesus is also doing that for those who believe in Him now. Are you uncomfortable in this world? Good, because God is preparing a place for you where your anxious heart can find its rest. The world consistently over-promises and under-delivers. There is a reason why deep down the best job promotion or relationship doesn’t quite satisfy.

Your heart was meant for eternity, where you will talk with Jesus as a man does with his friend.

Promise-Maker and Keeper

If you are increasingly uncomfortable in this world, resist the temptation to get angry, raging at a world that doesn’t know any better. Lean into the brokenness of this world as a subtle yet sure reminder that your home isn’t here. It’s being prepared just for you.

Jesus was with His disciples then, and He is with you now as well. Trust Him with the cares and anxieties of today, because tomorrow holds a better promise. He’s still making—and keeping—this promise: “I’ll be with you still.”

Now What?

Today, take time to remind someone you know who is wrestling with anxiety over this world about the hope we have in a different world. Then, take some time to memorize John 14:3 and “hide it” in your heart. Use these truths as a weapon against worry or doubt in moments of struggle.

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