How Your Students Are Actively Sharing The Gospel

Susan Foster

“Even a young man is known by his actions—if his behavior is pure and upright.” -Proverbs 20:11

The Challenge Was Given

Students at The Church at Harpeth Heights were given a simple challenge: look and act on what God shows you. They were given the opportunity to look for ways to connect, build ongoing relationships, and invite others to be part of their everyday lives. They were to live out Proverbs 20:11 and show Jesus’ love to others as they became aware of their purpose of sharing the gospel with the world.

Recently, a teacher visited our church. I approached him and discovered that he found out about our church at the local high school. He explained, “Some of my students repeatedly talked about God and how He was working in their church. I wanted to see for myself what all the excitement was about. My wife and I are looking for community, so we decided to come today to see if this was the place for us to get connected.” After service was over, one student’s entire family invited him to lunch, and it led to more gospel conversations.

To Love Your Neighbors Well

This summer, a mother and her two children attended Vacation Bible School (VBS), and they have continued to be involved in events. When I asked how she heard about VBS, she said, “My teenage neighbor invited us. I have never met a student who took the time to care so much about others. He always stops to throw the ball and talk to my preschoolers. I want my kids to be like him when they are teens. What I have found in the church is a whole community that values me and my children.”

The other day, a parent explained to me how his family came to attend our church. He said, “My son was asked to go to church camp with a guy from his baseball team. We didn’t know them well, but I thought maybe it would be good for him. He came back changed. Now, our whole family attends church, and it’s all because of the courage and kindness of one student who saw my family and wanted us to have a better relationship with the Lord.”

Gospel Relationships and Gospel Conversations

As a final story, one of our students told me about her recent visit to the nail salon. She walked in and sat at the table with her regular technician. The technician made a remark that surprised her, and that’s when things got interesting. The student said, “She told me there was something different about me. She said I was nice and kind. Then, she asked if she could spend more time with me to find out why I was so friendly to her. It gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about Jesus.”

It’s evident that our students are connecting with neighbors, removing barriers, identifying people in their lives who need Jesus, and welcoming people into their worlds. They are intentionally inviting others to be a part of their everyday rhythms of being disciples and learning first-hand how making disciples is about consistently and intentionally having ongoing relationships with others. They realize that the beginnings of gospel conversations happen when inviting others into what they’re already doing for Jesus.

It’s in simple actions, like being kind to the people we see in public or throwing a ball with the preschooler next door, that have led to next steps in the faith. I’m confident our students will keep looking, welcoming, connecting, and sharing as they remain hopeful that their actions will lead others to grow closer to Jesus.

The story above is an excerpt from “Students of Action” in the Making Disciples Magazine. To read more stories from the magazine, click here.