How Your Kids Can Show God’s Love

Penny's Story

Lead by Example

At the beginning of the pandemic, we started trying to figure out ways to help our children think about those other than themselves and those who are less fortunate. We started leaving snacks and drinks out for our trashmen, and then we started putting notes in it telling them we were thankful for them and that we were praying for them, and we asked them to join us at church online.

The boys started writing their own notes to the trash men, telling them thank you. The boys are only six, so it’s little kid handwriting telling them, “Thank you!” and “We appreciate it!” and they signed their own names. We left a notepad and a pen in there one of the times. They responded back, “Thank you, and God bless you.”


Take Action

A couple of weeks ago, I actually caught the trashmen! I saw them outside, and I ran out the front door. I stopped them and asked them how they were doing, what we could pray for, and just started trying to have some dialogue.

They were grateful that we considered them. And they were grateful that we were even thinking about them and what they could possibly need. Then, I asked what we could pray for them about. And that’s when one of them said, “I would appreciate if you’d just continue to pray for our safety because we’re touching all this trash in the middle of a pandemic.”


Just Keep Praying

We continued to pray that the Lord would use our actions for His honor and glory, and that every time they get snacks, water, and whatever drink that we leave them, that they’ll remember that the Lord loves them.