How We Can Always Be The Church

An Interview on Racial Unity and The Church

We are better together, and Scripture speaks of that.┬áThat’s why we wanted to hear from Coach Dale Clayton, Racial Unity Team Leader, to have an honest discussion on how we can be the church. He discussed biblical foundations for racial responsibility, how our racial unity team works, and steps we are taking to help our family of churches reflect the diversity of the kingdom of God while maintaining the unity of our mission and the integrity of the gospel.


A Quote from Coach Dale Clayton

“The Scriptures said this–that God has placed each member in the body as it pleases Him, and God has given us different gifts, so He places us where He wants us to be. And, I said to my wife, ‘God wants us to be at Brentwood Baptist Church and once we get there, He’ll show us why.’

But when I saw our mission statement, it got my attention–gospel conversations anytime, anywhere, with anybody. I underlined the anybody and I said, ‘How is Brentwood Baptist going to handle the anybody?'”