How to Share The Gospel on Your Business Trip

Alex's Story

Sharing your faith with your colleagues doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how you can share the gospel on your next business trip.


Make a gospel connection.

The gentleman I had the gospel conversation with, I’ve known since 2012. I was on a business trip to Puerto Rico. He came to Puerto Rico to visit our company with his new company. We spent a lot of that day going back and forth on what our capabilities were. He was talking about one of his new opportunities, which would be a pharmacy. My mind wandered while he was talking, and I started to connect the ability to ship pharmaceuticals to a mission journey I took to Guatemala in 2018 through our church. I was able to relay the mission work I had done in Guatemala and go through the whole story.


Be ready to share more about your story.

The first thing he said to me when I talked about all of this was, “I didn’t know you went to church!”, which for me was a really convicting statement to hear, right? Because I’ve known him for about ten years! A lot of the conversation really turned into a Q & A. “So when did you go on this mission? You were in Guatemala… What was that like? So you are part of a church… What do you do at that church?”


Continue with others on their journey.

I took that time to answer those questions and use it as a platform for a full-on gospel conversation. We have continued to use that conversation as a springboard to talk more about God and about my faith. I hope that I am a positive influence on him and that the example that I am setting, just by being willing to discuss my faith, leads him to his own faith.