How to Overcome Obstacles Caused By Poverty

Leo's Story

Begin Anew is Here to Help

Begin Anew empowers individuals to overcome the obstacles caused by poverty by providing education, mentoring, and resources. Because of that, we address economic poverty through education opportunities, social poverty by building community and mentoring, and spiritual poverty by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brentwood Baptist is a financial partner, a thought partner, and a training partner of Begin Anew. We participate in The Church at Woodbine, one of Brentwood’s eight campuses as one of Begin Anew’s actual locations. A really special story of how this is playing out at Woodbine is Leo.


Breaking Language Barriers

Leo came to the United States from Mexico, and she found Begin Anew because a friend told her about it. As a result, Leo began learning English and graduated from Begin Anew. And because of her heart for others and Leo’s own heart for sharing the gospel, she now gives back and teaches an English Language Learning class for Begin Anew at The Church at Woodbine campus.


Because of The Gospel

As a family, Leo’s family began to attend Woodbine, and they found the church to be welcoming, loving, and kind to people from other countries. It is amazing how the nations are coming here, and the opportunity to help students go from knowing of God to knowing God personally. And having a personal relationship with their Savior is an amazing opportunity.


Thank You for Your Support

We’re so thankful for the partnership between Brentwood Baptist and Begin Anew. And just like Leo, we hope to replicate this with others as we bring students in, give them an education, share the gospel of Jesus Christ, and hopefully help them find a welcoming church home.