How to Keep The Conversation Going During The Holidays

Matt and Kaitlyn’s Story

Kaitlyn: My husband Matt and I climb at a local climbing gym. It’s a great place to exercise, but it’s also a great place to intentionally meet friends. And so when we became pretty close with a couple that goes to that gym, it was really exciting to get to see them and meet up with them week in and week out and just start to share life with them. From then, we actually started to think about how we would invite people into a Christmas gathering, and we especially wanted to invite this couple, Steve and Whitney, into our home and get to share about Jesus specifically.


God Gives Us Opportunities

Matt: When Christmas day rolled around, we had made a plan for Steve and Whitney, as well as some of our other friends, just to come to the house for a brunch. While I was scrambling the eggsliterally holding the bowl in my arms, scrambling the eggsI said to everyone, “Hey, guys, Kaitlyn and Iwe wanted to share something with you about why we celebrate this season. We celebrate this season because we believe that Jesus came to this earth, and we celebrate Christmas to celebrate His birth.” You know, for people who aren’t religious, they were kind of quiet. It wasn’t as if there was an earth-shattering response. The opportunity was there. God gave it, and we just trusted Him that in sharing this He would honor it, and that He would plant the seed.

So now, I would consider Whitney a pretty close friend here in Nashville. She is slowly opening up to me. It’s been really beneficial for us to just get some face time every week, get to know each other at the climbing gym and outside of the gym. And at this point in time, we just spend a little bit more time opening up about faith and things that are deeper in our hearts, and I hope that someday I’ll get to share more specifically about how Christ could be relevant in her life and how He can change her life.


Keep The Conversation Going

Kaitlyn: Our gospel conversation story isn’t isolated. It wasn’t one conversation in time. It was the result of a year of meaningful conversations that just so happened that we were able on Christmas day to share publicly about Jesus. So our hope, as we move forward, is that there would be more of that and that there would be many more gospel conversations to follow.