How to Find A Counselor During A Pandemic

Ken Corr

The Hidden Cost

The first case of COVID-19 in Tennessee was recorded on March 5, 2020. It was shortly thereafter that we were all quarantined at home. Now, almost exactly one year later, we are seeing the terrible toll this illness has taken in terms of lost lives, failed businesses, and missed opportunities. But there is yet another cost that has not been quite as apparent. And that is the toll that the pandemic has taken on our mental health and relationships.

We are seeing a significant rise in anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges in the lives of individuals who had not suffered from these difficulties before. In more normal times, we would deal with these challenges by being with friends, going to the gym, and worshiping in community. But most of these resources have either been limited or taken away completely.

We Can Help

My guess is that many of you who are reading this have thought that it might be time to seek out a therapist for mental health and relationship support. But where do you go? Who can you trust? How do you find a therapist that is a Christian and yet also has good credentials? If this describes you, we can help.

Over the years, Brentwood Baptist has vetted over 30 mental health therapists, all of whom are Christians, all are licensed, and all have different areas of training and certification. We have used these therapists for referrals and have confidence in their work. We have also been approved to host interns in the Trevecca Graduate Counseling program. Our graduate student interns can provide mental health and relationship therapy at no cost, depending on their caseloads.

Mental Health Matters

If you have never worked with a therapist before, it can be frightening to take that first step. So, let us help you. Call me, Ken Corr, Congregational Care Minister at 615.324.6169, and we can arrange a time to meet for an assessment and make a referral. We will work with you until we find the right therapist to meet your needs.

I am convinced that 2021 is going to be a great year. Let’s do whatever it takes to get our emotions and relationships back on track.