How Obedience Impacts Others

October 28, 2021

…and all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.

Genesis 12:3b

Written by Ann Wilkinson from the Brentwood Campus

Why Would God Choose Us?

One of the most incomprehensible decisions that God has made, in my opinion, is His choice to use humans as instruments of salvation for those yet to believe. However, isn’t there a better way than to work through the will of humans, with all of our flaws and foibles?

And yet, we know that God is all-knowing, just, and working for the salvation of many. So, we must conclude that God’s way is the best way!

What Does This Mean for Me?

Well, it means that I have a part to play in God’s magnificent work of expanding our kingdom family. It means that I have the joy of living each day with the understanding that we have a God who weaves other people’s lives and our lives in such a way that they intersect at just the right times to make Jesus known. It means that I go with the power of God and not in my own strength.

What Does This Not Mean for Me?

It does not mean that I am the one who saves or converts. Indeed, God has done the prewiring of humanity to long for communion with God, God has superintended our lives, and God brings conversion. So, all I really have to do is be faithful: faithful to the gospel and my own story of its power in my life. It does not mean that I have to be perfect. What a blessing it is to look at Jesus’ lineage! We see failures all over the place: Jacob, King David, and even Rahab. But they were each faithful in the moment through simple obedience when it counted, and God used all of that to bring about the man Jesus.

What Could All This Mean for You?

It means that your life is no accident, nor are your relationships. God has determined to use you to bless others with the truth of the gospel. God doesn’t ask you to be perfect, the most articulate, or the most brilliant. Indeed, God asks only for simple obedience: share Jesus’ story and share your story. Are you open to these opportunities?

If you are not comfortable or confident in sharing the gospel or your own story, then please reach out to a member of your church staff. These people are here to equip you for the work of ministry that God has for you. They will help you learn the gospel more deeply and equip you with ways to share it. They will help you learn to articulate your story and offer you helpful ways to engage others with it. Take your next step of obedience!

What Now?

Consider the role that the gospel has played in your own life and how you can be obedient as you echo its truth to those around you. Thank the Lord for making His truth evident in your life and for giving you a new story through Him. Reflect on what your next steps should be in obedience.

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