How Jesus Works in Our Students’ Lives

Anthony's Story

They’re Going on Mission

My name is Anthony Dehnert, and I’m in the eighth grade. My favorite part about missions is when my friends, me, and everyone in our youth group could get together. It was just a great way to help the community and show the power of God. We were at the assisted living home, and there was this lady who hadn’t been smiling all year because of everything that had been happening to her. When we started singing our songs about God and how great He was, she started to smile.


Everyone is Filled with Joy

It just filled me with joy to see someone go from despair and sadness to just loving every word that came out of our mouths because it was all about God and how great He was. We also went to the thrift store, and people there were just so happy to have that help because it was so much harder without all the extra people.


Jesus Works in Students’ Lives

Since the trip, God has shown me that even the smallest difference that you make can brighten up their day. It can help them so much more than you can even imagine. One thing I want people to know about all these trips and all the things that we do is that it may be hard work—and it may not be easy, and it may be tiring—but it’s definitely worth it. You doing those small things or big things, whatever it is…it shows them how Jesus works in our students’ lives.