How God is Working Through Our Young People

What is Path United?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. This statement could not be more true in the case of our new leadership program at Path United. Born out of a real need for volunteers during the height of the pandemic, we created a leadership program designed to hire older Path United students to work with younger students at our weekly programs.

What Do We Do?

To be part of the program, high school students must be current Path United students. Additionally, they have to be in good standing at school and in the community. Leadership students work one day a week at Path and also participate in leadership courses, extra Bible study, and special field trips. We have taken several college visits, a museum visit, and have even volunteered with the homeless. Our students are currently working on a “Take What You Need” station at Path. Through these resources, they are providing other students with items like Band-Aids, Kleenex, feminine hygiene products, and more.

How Do We Do It?

We view this program as a win in all categories. First, we are able to pay our students at a competitive rate and provide them with job experience, confidence, and leadership instruction. Secondly, Path United is blessed with a pool of high quality, reliable staff that uniquely understand the needs of the community we serve. However, we view our younger students as the biggest winners of our program. Our younger students now have relationships with older, awesome kids from their neighborhood that they can look up to.

“God is Working Through These Young People.”

Because of the success of the leadership program last school year, this summer we launched the Jr. Leadership Program for eighth and ninth grade students. These students attend the same leadership classes and field trips but serve as volunteers, not paid staff. It has been incredible to see the skill and passion that these young leaders have brought to the work of Path United.