How Are You Doing?

With coronavirus currently being the center of most conversations, we want to share how you can: 1. be encouraged, and 2. be an encouragement during this time. We believe the best way you can do that is to simply ask one question:

“How are you doing?”
Laura Street, who attends the Brentwood campus, asked a Target employee this question over the weekend. She had made a quick stop to pick up some essentials in preparation for the week when she noticed the diligent employee at work. Since the employee was in retail, Laura was concerned for the woman’s well-being and began the conversation by asking, “How are you doing?”

Like a breath of fresh air, the question soothed the employee’s mind and she gently replied, “I’m healthy, and God is in control.” Laura’s heart jumped as she intentionally asked, “Are you a Christian?” The employee confirmed and then proceeded to share her life story.

The woman mentioned how she was from an area north of Iraq, and although she was happy to be a believer, she was deeply saddened that her husband was not one. She also said that she was concerned for him and the health of her three children, who all have blood diseases and are at a higher risk for coronavirus.

Right then, Laura was able to encourage the employee with words of hope and peace. The two addressed the presence of fear and, for a brief moment, were reminded that they weren’t alone in this pandemic. They took the opportunity to refocus on God’s love, which is so desperately needed during times of uncertainty. Laura mentioned,

“I believe God used this conversation to bless me as much as He did for me to be an encouragement. Please pray for her husband to believe, her kids’ physical health, and for her life to be a witness to her family.”

During this difficult season, we must continue to keep the dialogue going. Let’s be real—we all want to know that everything is going to be okay. We all want to know that somebody cares and that we are not alone. So, whether you’re making last minute trips to the grocery store or reaching out to others by means of technology, ask someone the question, “How are you doing?” And as you do, watch as God brings encouragement through your conversations.

So, how are you doing? Let us know here.