Hope: A Christmas Carol

The Best Promise Ever Made
Once upon a time, there was an old man named Simeon,
and when it came to trusting God, he met all the criterion.
He had a friend named Anna who would fast, and she would pray,
and at the temple, she would wait, every night and every day.
God had promised, and they truly believed
that the blessed Messiah they would one day see!
It took a lot of patience, but their hope didn’t fade.
God told them to trust, and His Word they obeyed.
“Our eyes have seen the promise we’ve awaited with hope,
a light shining brightly, like the Word that God spoke!”
And Mary and Joseph stood there amazed,
that their Son, little Jesus, was the Savior to be praised!
Anna lifted her eyes up and began to thank God
and declared His love at the temple and to Jerusalem beyond.
Both Anna and Simeon, and Mary and Joe,
marveled at this promise spoken long ago.
But the promise of the Savior wasn’t just for them,
but for everyone—even us—outside of Bethlehem!
The hope of this Jesus doesn’t dim or ever fade;
it’s alive and ignited, on time and not delayed.
This is the best news for the down and dismayed,
that we, too, can wait with hope in the best promise ever made.