His Work Behind The Scenes

October 14, 2021

when I was formed in the depths of the earth.

Psalm 139:15b

Written by Laura Thompson from the Brentwood Campus

What Causes You Stress?

Data reflects the truth that cases of anxiety have increased in recent years. There are so many reasons behind this phenomenon that it wouldn’t benefit us to spend time on that here. But I can think of a few things right off the top of my head. What in your life causes the muscles in your jaw to tighten? What is it that worries your heart and mind? Would you take a minute right now and consider a few of the specific things that are keeping you from a true feeling of peace?

Decisions to make? Family stresses? A prodigal child? The state of our world?


Not Our Burden to Bear

It is often the act of decision making that causes the most worry for me. I feel I carry the responsibility of responding to all of life’s situations in a way that keeps my family strong and safe. But just this week, I received news that could completely change a situation I’ve been so worried about. It was a sharp reminder that God is working in ways we know nothing about; His work behind the scenes is being conducted for our good and for His glory.

Let’s look at today’s Bible verse: “…when I was formed in the depths of the earth.” God was there in the very beginning, knitting you together so purposefully when no one else could see you or know you. You did not need to strive to create your own fingers or toes, for He knew His plan for you and He was at work even then.


An Invitation to Redemption

As we grow and mature, He graciously invites us to join Him in His redeeming work—so there is work to do. However, it still is not for us to strive to complete the work ourselves.

As we join Him in His work, we must pray that He will align our heart with His. Yet even then, we will not live our lives perfectly. But we can still live confidently, knowing that He is doing a work—in us and in the world—that we don’t know anything about. And He can be trusted to complete the good work He has started.


Now What?

Take a moment to reflect on how you can be a better listener to those in your life who are struggling. Offer to pray for them, whether they are believers in Jesus our not. Commit to following up with them regularly. Thank the Lord for the hope of the gospel and the power it can have over our anxious hearts. Lean into His truth today, trusting in His work behind the scenes.


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