Hey, Can I Boast Right Quick?

October 4, 2021

For I am not ashamed….

Romans 1:16a

Written by Jill VanAusdall from the Brentwood Campus

Do You Remember?

Do you remember your “Aha!” moment? You know that time—in church, small group, Vacation Bible School, or maybe even at home with your parents—when someone shared the gospel of Jesus with you. It was that moment when the Holy Spirit convicted you of your sins and prompted you to pray the prayer of salvation so your life would be transformed through the saving blood of Jesus.

It’s been many, many years since I prayed the prayer of salvation, but I still remember the excitement I felt and how I wanted to share Jesus and the good news with everyone in my path. The power of the gospel is the one thing we are able to boast in.


Why is It Called “The Gospel”?

The word “gospel” is unique. At this point in time, it was used to announce something significant to the world, like a change in royalty or the birth of a new royal baby. In this passage, Paul is announcing the power of the gospel to transform lives. It’s not just a story of Jesus’ birth or Jesus dying on the cross.

What’s so amazing about the gospel is that it brings transformation, light and life to someone who would otherwise be spiritually dead.


Hey, Can I Boast Right Quick?

Paul is boldly saying to us: do not be ashamed of the power of the gospel. Tell everyone you meet about how you have been transformed through His grace. We are able to boast not in ourselves, but in the glorious grace we have received in Christ.

Life can bog us down. We can become so busy, or our lives can become so routine, that we forget about that beautiful “Aha!” moment and the excitement of telling everyone we meet about what Jesus has done for us. My prayer is that we all take time to reflect on our own “Aha!” moment, that we would remember the excitement, and that we would feel a new desire to share the gospel with those around us. Can you take a moment and say to yourself and also to others, “Hey, can I boast right quick?” Not to boast in yourself, but in the saving power of the gospel in your life.


Now What?

Find a quiet place to be still with Jesus. Take time to reflect on what your life was before and after Jesus transformed you. Now, pray for God to place people in your path to share the gospel with, to boldly boast in Christ’s work on your behalf. He will do just that.


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