Hearing and Believing

October 18, 2021

So many people gathered together that there was no more room, not even in the doorway, and He was speaking the message to them.

Mark 2:2

Written by Patty Taylor from the Brentwood Campus

“There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of each man which cannot be satisfied by any created thing but only by God the Creator, made known through Jesus.” -Blaise Pascal


With Eager Ears to Hear

When asked a question, Jesus often replied with clever yet mysterious words. When someone learns a man is “making waves,” “going against the rules,” or “rejecting common practices,” we naturally are curious. The Jewish leaders among the crowd took issue with how Jesus spoke with authority and proclaimed God’s forgiveness of sins, which the crowd eagerly took to hearing with some even believing.

The occupants of the house wanted answers. They wanted to understand this Jesus. The walls of the home simply could not accommodate the number of inquiring people, so they spilled to the outside and even went onto the rooftop. Jesus continued to preach, showing His concern for human need over the ritual observance of the Jewish law and tradition.


Seek and You Shall Find

When we want answers, we press into the crowd and find our way to the speaker.  We get closer to see what is going on and obtain our answers first-hand.

If we become seekers of the truth, we must search the meaning of words and actions. We observe others, we ask questions, and then we follow their lead to a commitment.

If we want information that is beneficial to the spiritual growth of ourselves or others, we must do the following:

  1. Hear with our ears.
  2. Study what we hear.
  3. Verify information.
  4. Seek clarification and instruction.
  5. Share with others.
  6. Put the lesson into action.


Now What?

Consider the areas in your life where you are most in need of hearing a word of Jesus. Reflect on the truths you are seeking and the steps you can take to find that clarity and direction you’re seeking. Thank the Lord for being a God we able to seek and know, hearing and believing His words of truth.

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