He Has Knit Our Hearts Together

Leigh Ann’s Story

In fall of 2019, when we were ramping up for our English as a Second Language classes, we had a couple come into the church. They just walked in the front door. They were looking for information about our ESL program.

Throughout that whole process, I just became really good friends with them. I visited in their home. They visited in my home. We’ve shared holidays together.


The Truth Proclaimed

Some of the times when I go, we have conversations about spiritual things, and sometimes we don’t.  But this particular day, it was obvious that I was going to have to say very plainly what the truth was. I had to just really be clear.

It was an interesting moment because he got very, very quiet. I was able to really lay out the entire gospel of why Jesus had to die for our sins.


Jesus is The Only Way

He just listened quietly without interjecting. Then, when I finished, he said, “Well, that’s what you believe.” And I said, “Yes, that is what I believe. And you have to understand that if I believe that Jesus is the only way for me to be in right relationship with God, then I believe the same thing to be true for you. But even if you do not—even if you do not choose to believe that or follow Jesus—we will still be friends.”

So we left on a positive note.


He Has Knit Our Hearts Together

They are still not believers, but we still visit each other regularly. We still spend time together and text back and forth. I am just praying that the Lord will continue to use the seeds that have been planted and continue to use our relationship.

I believe with all my heart that He has knit our hearts together for a reason. I just continue to pray that, at some point, He will open their eyes to the truth and that they, too, will know Jesus as their own personal Savior.