Good Happens No Matter What Happens

August 7, 2021

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.

Romans 8:28

Written by Johnny Mathis from the Brentwood Campus

Can good come to me from crisis, tragedy, success, happiness or a broken heart? If so, what is it? Everyone suffers at one time or another, but can I be whole in the midst of it? It is true that you and I are either coming out of an event that waylays us, in the middle of a crisis of some type, or about to enter into one. Life is full of hills, valleys and plains of one type or another. How do you navigate through it all?

For you there is an answer, a hope as certain as morning’s sunrise, a truth to bind around your heart and life. This truth is that “all things work together for good to those who love God.” This is a promise for the Christ follower, the person who has been redeemed and who is no longer condemned because they are now “in Christ.” We now have a Father who is in control of all creation, who knows the end from the beginning, and who has a plan for us, His children, that will not be thwarted by the ravages of sin and a groaning creation.

Because God has chosen you, your destiny is sure. Nothing can shake that; nothing can cancel that out. Because He is sovereign, our Father uses whatever we go through, no matter what it is, to become something good in us. There is no darkness in God, but dark things happen to us. However, He is able to overrule any of these circumstances to accomplish His will. He promises to do that for those who love Him.

Later on in Romans 8 we read that even death is swallowed up in victory for the believer. Death itself has no sting. Why? Because our sure hope is in Him. Why? Because we realize that death is not the end; it is only eternity’s doorway. The only condition is that you love Him. It will not work for those who don’t, those who have decided to go their own way.

The end game of everything in life that happens to you, Christian believer, whether good or bad, will be used by God. His goal is to mold you into the image of Jesus in your actions, thoughts, words and purpose (Romans 8:29-30). It is a lifelong process that began with God choosing you, saving you (justification), changing you (sanctification), and ultimately glorifying you (glorification). This is the road to travel, no matter what you may face at any given moment. Truly, this is good.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Memorize Romans 8:28 so you can chew on it in your heart and mind. It is not just something to make you happy—it is a truth to change your life.
  2. Think about a recent event that has happened to you. How do you think God can or did use it for your good?
  3. When you think about God’s purpose for your life in Romans 8:28-30, what does that do for you? Does it motivate you? Does it make you love God even more? Meditate on this, and jot down your answers so you can review them later.