God Has a Secret: Living with the Mysteries of God

September 9, 2021

He said to them, “It is not for you to know times or periods that the Father has set by His own authority.”

Acts 1:7

Written by Karla Worley from the Brentwood Campus

What’s The Secret?

The disciples asked a huge question. It was the question of the day: When would God restore the kingdom of Israel? Everyone wanted to know. They were all asking, “Is now the time?” It seemed as though God had a big secret, and they, much like believers still today, found themselves living with the mysteries of God.

Jesus didn’t criticize them for asking, though. He simply reminded them to stay on task with the role that had been assigned to them.


What’s God’s Role?

Playing our role in God’s kingdom requires we understand what’s not our role. Jesus made it clear that it’s God’s role to know and orchestrate timing. He used two different Greek words for time: chronos (a duration of time; days/months/years) and kairos (a type of time; a season or circumstance).

“You won’t know when or in what conditions God will act,” Jesus said. “That’s God’s part.”

But we want to know! We struggle with mystery. And so did they. After Jesus left and the disciples started to die, the early church became so discouraged that God sent a vision to John, what we call the book of Revelation. God wanted them to trust that He was indeed doing His part in His plan. He wanted to strengthen their faith.


What’s My Role?

Faith is at the heart of how we walk with God; it is believing God is present with us, active around us, and in charge of everything and everyone. Faith says, “I know Who’s in charge, so I don’t have to know everything else.” It seems God truly does have a secret, and faith is how we live with the mysteries of God that we don’t yet understand. Faith frees us to play our part.

Because if we’re trying to figure out God’s part, we aren’t doing our part—a very important role specifically assigned to us.

What is our part? Well, that’s the next thing Jesus told His disciples. Tune in tomorrow to hear more.


Now What?

Consider the situations in your life where you waiting for God to act. Reflect on the truths He has made known about Himself and how He has called you to respond in your seasons of waiting. Ask God to grant you true and lasting peace as you ponder the mysteries of God, and for opportunities to share the reasons why you trust Him with those who are lost and searching.


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