Global Worker Highlight–Sam and Shadai

Off to Mexico City!

Hi, Brentwood family! We are the Waguespack-Gonzalez family. I’m Sam. I’m Shadai, and we have two kids: Emma, who is five years old, and Micah, who is 2 years old. We’re very excited to be going to Mexico City!


Education Impacting Eternity

We are going to be using Christian education as a ministry tool, wanting to impact the lives of students and their families, while also affecting the lives of other teachers and schools using Christian education as well. We are very excited because we think that this is an amazing ministry: being able to use education to reach lives with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Thank You for Partnering with Us!

We appreciate your prayers for our ministry, and especially for our kids. We are going to be in a new city, so pray that they can adapt easily. Pray also for the COVID-19 pandemic, that we can navigate our journey to Mexico City safely, and for God to open opportunities for our ministry as we are getting there. We really appreciate your support, and your prayers especially are coveted. Thank you so much for coming on board with us. We hope to see all of you sometime soon.

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