Global Worker Spotlight — David & Laura

Greetings from Scotland!

Hi, we’re David and Laura Moench, and we are with the International Mission Board. We have been in western Europe with the IMB for over 30 years now. We have been blessed and privileged just this past week to move to a new country! It’s an old country for us because we lived here in the 90s, but we are now living in Scotland.


Partner with Us in Prayer

What we’ll be doing here is reconnecting with both the Baptist and other church planting networks and trying to work with local ministries here. So, these are our prayer requests: that we would have those connections go smoothly and would work out which partners we’re going to work with.


Developing Leaders and Networks

In addition to that with the International Mission Board and with the European Affinity, which we’ve been working with for many years now, that we will work with developing networks. For example, if we have a student worker in Moldova and a student worker in London, there are some similarities in what they both do. So, we’re trying to connect them to each other, so we’ll have networks of student work—maybe those who are in Catholic majority countries. We’ll be developing leaders through that.


Thank You for Your Love and Support

We’re so grateful for the support of Brentwood Baptist over the years and have so many good friends there at all the different campuses. We just continue to thank you for the work that you do and the way that you support us as missionaries overseas.

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