Get Ready! Here’s Your 2020 Advent Guide

Entering this Christmas season, our hope for this Advent journal is to stir, equip, and motivate you and your family to embrace the greatest story and celebration of all—the arrival of the King of Kings as a baby. As we focus on the names of Jesus, may we each be assured of His character, presence, and love.


Here Are 3 Simple Hopes We Have:


Stir & Prepare The Hearts of You & Your Family

My mind is spinning from the craziest of years. I can’t figure out sometimes if the year is longer than ever or if it seems shorter. But here we are—closing in on Christmas. May God use this book to awaken the souls of each of us to His birth.


Equip Your Family to Create Memories of Connections

One of the greatest places to have shared experiences is in the home with your family, especially during the Christmas season. Don’t miss out on the unique opportunities that you can have as a family to read the Bible together, share conversations around His Word, and create memories that can last a lifetime.


Motivate & Encourage Your Family

There is no need to remind you that we are tired and frustrated with the impact of COVID-19 in the past 9 months on so many areas of our lives and loved ones. May this journal assist in lifting our eyes off the temporary and onto the eternal awe of God and His desire to come to us, making Himself known.


Praying for a Merry Christmas! –Linc Taylor, Next Gen & Family Minister


Click here for your copy of the 2020 Advent Guide