From The Journal to The Journey

October 16, 2021

All my days were written in your book and planned before a single one of them began.

Psalm 139:16b

Written by Lauren Webb from the Station Hill Campus

Just Another School Night

Books, laptops, and papers peppered the kitchen table. Fourth and eighth grade homework spilled over onto the floor. Dinner was bubbling softly on the stove. My chair creaked as I shifted my weight and weighed my next words. “So…what do you think?” she had asked.

In my hand, I held her debate essay. Mr. Shevilik had challenged his class to a current events debate. You can imagine the topics these kids could pick from. It seems we can’t find common ground these days. Everything fostered division and animosity. My girl had chosen to tackle abortion. She had taken a pro-life stance.


All Our Days Are Written

She had crafted her essay beautifully. The first argument was the sanctity of life. The powerful words in Psalm 139 affirm our purpose and value as humans, confirming the plans that were intentionally laid by our Creator before time began. Her second argument mercifully defended the mothers making this decision. A tearing of the soul occurs when one participates in abortion. The mothers are more valuable than abortion, having purpose ordained from above, even in scary unknown situations.

Then there was the third argument.

She argued against abortion for the sake of adoption. This was where she took a step from her journal to her journey. This is where she actively shared testimony.


The Beauty of A Story

She is adopted.

It’s beautiful the way God wove an adoptive mother, a birth mother, and a social studies teacher together for a unique purpose in time. He wove two women’s loss, pain, and choices together for the purpose of a child in a middle school classroom—a child who would in turn participate in the purpose of sharing her story with others.

She has been uniquely called, just as we all have been. We will need to be brave. Yet our hope is not in isolation, but in God’s presence. I know He will be with her as she walks her journey—just as He will be with me as I walk mine. My eyes filled with tears as I sat across from her at the kitchen table. She squeezed my hand and said, “I’m nervous.” “I know,” I said, “but you won’t be alone.”


Now What?

Spend some time in prayer, asking God where He wants you to step from your journal into your journey. It could be a conversation, a time commitment or service to those around you. He has a plan and a unique calling. Ask Him to show you the way.

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