For This Child I Pray | Week 8

“But blessed are your eyes because they see and your ears because they hear.” —Matthew 13:16

One of my life’s most overwhelming moments was the first time I saw my daughter on an ultrasound screen at my very first prenatal checkup at eight weeks gestation.

It’s hard to imagine someone so seemingly formless growing into an eight pound baby, let alone someday becoming a full grown adult. And while I couldn’t see the details of my daughter’s physical features on the ultrasound, God was using this eighth week of gestation to fashion her ears, develop her lungs, and sprout her fingers and toes.

I was suddenly ready to do so many things that impatience took root in my all -too-eager heart. Considering a forty-week gestation, week eight hardly felt like a dent in the timeline. Did I really have to wait an entire thirty-two weeks longer to see my precious baby?

I wanted to do all the things in the name of preparation instead of living in each sweet moment leading up to the day I gave birth. I was so eager for the moment of birth, I ignored the fact that those weeks of waiting were no less important.

As you wait out these next thirty-two weeks, don’t let a focus on what is to come overshadow this precious time you have in between. Use this week specifically to pray for your baby’s ears to one day hear God’s Word. Pray for your baby’s developing lungs to one day be used to sing praises to His name. And pray for the fingers that will grip the Word of God and toes that will grip the ground as your precious one walks forth in a darkened world, speaking truth and sharing the hope that was first prayed over their life before they even took a breath on this earth.

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