For This Child I Pray | Week 37

“He is the One who gives life and breath and all things.” —Acts 17:25

The suitcase is packed. The maternity clothes selection is dwindling. The doctor’s number is stored in favorites. The grandparents are standing by. You are ready, but the baby is not. Every day that your infant stays in your womb is crucial. The baby’s lungs are the last organ to fully develop—this is of high importance.

This growth results in the formation of the alveoli (sacs that allow oxygen and carbon dioxide to exchange) and the surfactant (a coating allowing lungs to inflate and deflate). When both the alveoli and surfactant develop properly, the work of breathing is reduced and the newborn is able to breath easily (and so can mom and dad). Even one extra day in the womb benefits this lung development and function.

All the other organs function within your womb, but the lungs remain dormant and do not get their first test-run until the baby is outside the womb. For this reason, it’s vital your baby’s lungs fully develop. Once the infant is born, the placenta will be clamped and the baby will take over the breathing. Your child will switch from breathing through the placenta to breathing actual air. When you hear your baby wail, you know the lungs are working!

Until that time, ask God to develop your child’s lungs and respiratory system as He planned. Remind yourself that God is not finished knitting together this infant and that He is the One who gives life and breath to your sweet baby.

God gives us our lungs to not only breathe in and out but to praise Him. Take

a deep breath, and pray the words of the psalmist for you and your newborn: “Breathe life into our lungs so we can shout your name” (Psalm 80:18).