For This Child I Pray | Week 36

“He put a new song in my mouth, a song of praise to our God. Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.” —Psalm 40:3

It’s week 36 and counting! Your baby has been busy putting on weight and is now about the length of a head of romaine lettuce (why is it so fun comparing baby’s size to food?)! They look more like an infant than ever before with pink skin and chubby little legs. Now, your baby’s growth slows as he or she is positioned for delivery. It won’t be long!

It’s amazing how parents can feel excitement, fear, love, exhaustion, and be overwhelmed all at once. This doesn’t end after delivery (welcome to parenthood)! Mama especially, might feel miserable because of the baby’s size at this point and all that is going on with her body. Now Dads, if you don’t already—tell your wife EVERYDAY what a rockstar she is! Carrying and delivering a human is no joke! The back aches, no comfortable sleeping position, and her bladder constantly being squeezed by baby all leads to little or no sleep. Soon enough, a precious baby in your arms will be the reason for no sleep! I think of this as God preparing moms like only He can do—giving them hands-on training of living off sleep deprivation.

My favorite thing at 36 weeks is how baby’s ears are extra sharp. Studies show they even recognize your voice or a favorite song after birth. One thing I did was sing the same tune all throughout my pregnancies. Don’t laugh, but I made up my own words to “Sing, Sweet Nightingale” from Cinderella. I sang my song almost every day. Right after my first child, Silas, was born, he continued to screech as they put him in my arms; that is until I started singing “our song”. He stopped crying almost immediately. Even the nurses were overcome by the sweet moment. That baby boy knew the song!

Has the Lord put a song in your heart? Sing it! Even if you can’t carry a tune in a bucket, your baby loves the sound of your voice (and so does your Heavenly Father for that matter). Your song will fulfill many purposes. It can calm your heart, become an act of worship to God, bond you to your baby even more, and be a source of comfort once sweet baby meets you face to face. So, sing sweet nightingale, sing!