For This Child I Pray | Week 34

“When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the baby leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Luke 1:41

Do you ever wonder what Mary thought about as Jesus grew within her? We know from the early chapters of Matthew and Luke that she prayed, reflected, traveled, visited family, and talked about the wonders of pregnancy with her cousin, Elizabeth. She walked through daily life, marveling at the changes in her body and the mystery of the child’s body developing within her. We have glimpses of what surely was an ongoing and intimate conversation between her and God. After all—He is the only One who can really see what’s going on in there!

How familiar this nine months of Mary’s life seems to us. Prayer becomes more earnest. We come to the end of ourselves in new ways. We release and entrust things to God that had never dawned on us before. We can feel things changing toward new unknowns. We enjoy the daily joys and jokes with new lenses on the eyes of our hearts.

Mary’s was a unique circumstance—she was carrying the very Son of God! And yet, God’s choice to bring Jesus into the world through pregnancy makes Him, and Mary’s part in God’s story, so closely available to our hearts and minds.

I want to encourage you, spend a few minutes reflecting on and recording God’s faithfulness to you and your child this week.

Thank you, Father, for the opportunity to steward this child. Help me Father to linger with You this week. Feed my spirit as you feed this growing baby. Prepare me to parent. Knit me together with You, and our family together with each other in a new way as you knit this child together. I ask You for the health of our baby’s collar bones, joints, and blood vessels as they develop during these days. May the structure and nourishment of his or her body