For This Child I Pray | Week 28

“Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.” —Philippians 4:8

You are in the last trimester, and there is a lot on your brain. If this is your first little one, you are perhaps going out of your mind trying to get everything perfect. You may be wrestling in your thoughts about how you are going to be this little one’s mom and feeling the weight of the future that you can’t possibly imagine yet. Or, maybe this is not your first pregnancy, and you are wondering how you will be able to add more love to your heart. Maybe you feel the weight of getting everything done this time around and you are still having to be very present for the rest of the family.

If you feel unnecessary mom guilt, here is how I want to help you do today. Take a moment, and breathe. Stop those thoughts from overtaking your life right now, and try to imagine that you’re lassoing each of those anxious thoughts. Now, bundle them up and lift your contained cares up to Jesus. Remember, the same Creator God who is knitting your little one together is still your Creator too. He isn’t done with you yet! He is working on your spiritual heart and your thoughts just as He is creating that baby of yours. So, while it’s important to focus on that little one, it’s also important to focus on you too.

Today, your little one is having gyri and sulci increases on the surface area of their brain. What in the world is gyri and sulci? Think of it like the hills and valleys of your brain. They are what makes the brain appear wrinkly with ridges. These hills and valleys also create boundaries for the different areas of the brain. The lobes and hemispheres of the brain are being put into place during your last trimester.

While you consider what is going on inside of the brain of your baby, begin to pray for their personality, their ability to process information for a lifetime, and their thought life. Pray also for your already created hills and valleys, and surrender those thoughts as they pop into your brain. Remember, that both your brain and your child’s brain may be wired differently, but they are made intentionally by Him and for His glory. Touch your hand to your brain, and ask The Lord to give you peace and wisdom beyond what your “hills and valleys” can process. And, enjoy celebrating all that God is doing in creating the brain that will hold memories and thoughts that are filled of Jesus.