For This Child I Pray | Week 27

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are healthy, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are unhealthy, your body also is full of darkness. See to it, then, that the light within you is not darkness.” —Luke 11:33-35

What a gift it is to see! How wonderful to see the beautiful sunsets, the mountains, the waves of the ocean, and of course…that precious ultrasound! Creation is filled with beauty, and it seems to me that as the Lord created the world, He was already thinking of how our senses would be best filled with wonder. This week, the eyes of your baby are developing at a rapid rate. We are praying for their retinas and pupils to grow properly, to be strong, and to be made perfectly so they might see.

As you pray those precious prayers over their health and development, don’t overlook (see what I did there) praying more deeply. John Piper shares in his blog, Desiring God, “To mean that the way the lamp of Jesus becomes a lamp for you is that you see it for what it really is. Your eye becomes the lamp of your body when you see the lamp of his greatness in the world.”

Our eyes reflect what we see. Pray with me that your baby will have eyes that see the truth of the gospel and that his or her eyes will be open to the light that shines from Jesus so that he or she may reflect His goodness to all of the world.

May we as parents also reflect the light of Jesus. Keep your eyes healthy, Mama. Keep pointing your little one to the truth so that when he or she looks into your eyes, all that can be seen is Jesus.