Follow Me… No Matter What

February 12, 2022

But he said to them, “It is I. Don’t be afraid.”

John 6:20

Written by Patty Taylor from the Brentwood Campus

A Memory and A Lesson

One of my favorite pictures from our children’s childhood is of our son. In this beloved photo, he sits in a small boat on a lake, going around and around in circles, a look of frustration written all over his face. Why?

He was using only one paddle and wouldn’t heed our directions from the lake’s edge.

Propelled in Our Faith

Have you ever found yourself going around in circles? Have you been in a tempest, unsure of what you need to be doing? Did you feel as though you were in a storm, unsure that you would survive? The disciples in the boat had Jesus as their guide. He knew exactly what to do, from calming the storm to protecting His friends.

However, they were too scared to even stop and remember who He was or to realize that He could be trusted. In the midst of the storm, He called out to His friends, “Follow me… No matter what.”

Our Sense in The Storm

In John 6:20, Jesus declares, “It is I. Do not be afraid.” Does your fear ever override your common sense? Do you lose your sense of what is reasonable? Do you, too, forget that He is still calling out to us, “Follow me… No matter what”?

Since you have known Jesus, do you approach your problems differently? Do you still panic? Like the disciples, do you experience fear, even though you know Jesus is in charge? When problems arise, what difference does it make that you are a Christian and that someone else might not be?

It is normal to be fearful, but we can learn to deal with our fears in a constructive manner. It is important to have someone on whom you can rely when a problem or difficulty arises.

Now What?

If you go to church, select a friend or teacher in whom you can confide. Find a “buddy” with whom you can speak in confidence when something troubles you. Remember that problems shared are problems “halved.”

When you find helpful resources for your difficulties, share them with others who may have similar needs. Offer to go with friends to appointments or to meet a counselor or doctor. Read your Bible for advice and pray for strength to overcome your fears and insecurities.


The Myth about Following Christ

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